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How competitive are you? Your chance to show off over 3 different activities...
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Choose 3 from 7 great activities

You and your group will get to try 3 activities - the difficult part is deciding which 3 to choose

Rebel Buggies

This is one of the most popular activities.  These are the latest off road karts to be developed.   The tracks have been designed to test your confidence and overall driving ability.   You will race against the clock and see who really can keep their calm in these amazing machines.

Quad Biking

After a specifically designed sills section you will get to ride these 200cc bikes over the 450m off road track which will let you see what these quads are capable of.   Great fun

Supacats (6x6 Military off road vehicle)

These awesome vehicles are not seen in many places in the UK.   These vehicles have 2 methods of steering either a traditional handlebar tilt steering or a skid steer method using on-board disc brakes.   You will get the chance to drive this over a specially designed skills course which will throw a few challenges up along the way .  A really unique experience.


Blindfold 4 x 4 Driving

Hope you are all speaking to each other because you need to communicate.   The driver will be blindfolded and will need to listen to what the others in the car tell them so as obstacles are not hit.  So who will you pick to be your trusted navigator to avoid the 10 foot drop!!!


If you fancy something a bit different from your standard bow and arrow then crossbows are just for you.   You do need to have nerves of steel and a steady hand to ensure you hit the bullseye every time.   These weapons are powerful and are capable of pulling over 150lbs so not to be underestimated.

Clay Archery

If you have tried archery before and think of yourself as a sharp shooter then now you need to give yourself a new challenge.   With your teammates lined up alongside you it is the quickest and most accurate that will hit the foam discs that fly out of the traps.   The instructors will be the overall judges to stop any squabbles amongst you all.

Axe Throwing

This will be a new skill you learn.  By the end of your session you will be throwing tomahawks like a native American in the Old West.   The test comes as you get moved further away from the target - how good is your aim?
If you cannot make a decision then we have a deal that allows you to try 4 of the activities.

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