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Here is the chance to combine 2 great activities to customise your day into a high action, fun filled event. Choose the activities to best suit your group.
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Choose Any 2 Activities from 8 Near Godalming Surrey

Here is an opportunity to fully customise your activity day by choosing any 2 activities from the list of 8 superb all action events. Each single activity lasts about an hour. After 2 hours most groups need a welcome break in the local pub!

The best sessions will include a variety of events to cater for differing personal abilities as well as ensuring that the day is inclusive and competitive for maximum enjoyment. Easy to reach location off the A3 not far from Godalaming in Surrey.

Choose from:-


Powerful and fast  designed for land or sea and demanding a great deal of skill and confidence and skill. What should simply be just acceleration and steering takes a surprising amount of concentration and thought to get a giant motorised fan floating on an air cushion to go exactly where you want it to. Fly these single seater mini Hovercraft around in a timed relay race and face the brutal twists and turns of the skilled and gated course.

Max Cats

It may look like something out of The Banana Splits but it’s a six wheel all terrain and amphibious vehicle. Your instructor sits along side for guidance and tuition as you negotiate the beautiful and exhilarating off road course purposefully designed to show off the great climbing capabilities of these versatile atvs This is very much a skilled driving activity but really rewarding when you develop the knack!

• Clay Pigeon Shooting

What a blast! All full introduction into Clay Pigeon Shooting using targets such as Driven Pheasant Springing teal and Crossing Crow. We use 12 and 20 bore shotguns which can be adapted to suit all guests. Staffed by our professional shooting instructor/s guests will receive tuition in gun handling and safety whilst learning the very satisfying and competitive sport of clay pigeon shooting.

• Archery

Calling all Toxophilites. A full introduction into this noble sport of kings and one of the countries oldest activities. Learn how to use our re-curve bows and with some expert tuition you will soon be hitting gold. Green tights and a pointy hat are optional but concentration and a steady hand will help. This is a very engaging and rewarding discipline and really quite addictive.

• Powerturns

Motorised mayhem at its most hilarious! Capable of spinning 360° on its own axis the Powerturns are one or two man two-wheel drive vehicles powered by twin engines and steered by varying the throttle or brake on either of the engines. They can power slide round corners will do doughnuts and wheelies and are therefore great value in the chuckle stakes for those spectating.

Battlefield Live


Your mission is for each “Company” to battle it out in a game of strategy quick thinking and above all fun! The guns are used by the Royal Marines for CQB Training and unlike real lasers the beams we use (infrared)- are completely eye safe. The guns are always loaded and ready to respond so there is no need to cart ammo around. With no physical projectiles like a paintball pellet shots are not affected by the wind; players do not have to wear masks do not get hurt and are not weighed down with heavy padding and protective gear. The mission feels for real and is very exciting – the closest thing to joining the army !

• Quad Bike Rally


No experience or licence required our automatic Yamaha Breezers are very easy to operate. Learn the skills required and safety tuition necessary to take the bike around a skilled course to include slaloms and obstacles. Points will be deducted for cones and flags hit or missed. Two bikes will be run on the course half a lap apart.

Rage Buggies

Really fast and great fun an off road buggy with an excellent chassis combined with long travel suspension satisfying a need for speed. It has a reduction gearbox which has an ATB differential (with optional reverse) and a torque converter system widely used on many other ATV machines. The engine is a 670cc 24hp v-twin which gives good performance and a top speed in excess of 50mph.This really will get your adrenalin pumping.


The activities will run from 10.00 hours until 17.00 hours
The activity sessions will last for 1 hour each.
We will ask the groups to arrive ½ an hour prior to their booked session to enable us to show them around sign the relevant paperwork and receive a Health & Safety Briefing.
So for example if you had a group of 6 guests book the 2 activity package at 10.00 hours their itinerary would be:

  • 09.30 hours – Guest arrival
  • 10.00 hours – Commence Activity 1
  • 11.00 hours – Commence Activity 2
  • 12.00 hours – Depart


More Info for your Hen Party:

Minimum Age :

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Activity Duration (in minutes) :


Start Times :

10:00 11:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00

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