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Bristol Hen Day Ideas

If you want the glitz and glamour of London but at a much cheaper rate and with less pretentious people getting in your way, then choose Bristol for your hen weekend. This is a great city and one that I have some very fond (and naughty) memories of! There is a stack of cool things for you hens to do during the day to get you warmed up for your wild hen night!

The Top Three Hen Day Activities In Bristol

Our Top Hen Party Ideas In Bristol

Abseiling and Canoeing

£ 59.99
Why treat your hens to just one activity when you could try two? Have a go at both canoeing and abseiling in the same adrenalin-filled day! We can also book accommodation
  • Reference: PR-4253
  • Min No: 6
  • Assault Course

    £ 39.99
    If you ever watched The Krypton Factor and wished you could have a go at their assault course then this is the ideal hen party activity for you!
  • Reference: PR-2449
  • Min No: 8
  • Caving

    £ 24.99
    Looking to organise a hen do that is both adventurous and a little bit different? There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline buzz that comes with caving!
  • Reference: PR-8274
  • Min No: 4
  • Clay Shooting

    £ 49.99
    Join the Country elite by adding Clay Pigeon Shooting to your Hen Party in Bristol. Include this exciting Shooting Event as part of Your Bristol Hen Do
  • Reference: PR-2182
  • Min No: 6
  • Crazy Games

    £ 39.99
    Crazy country style games for any Bristol Hen party. You will whack, wobble & laugh your way through the day, making this a Hen Do Idea they wont forget
  • Reference: PR-6665
  • Min No: 8
  • Fun Dance Lessons

    £ 28.99
    Fun Dance Lessons
  • Reference: PR-50611
  • Min No: 10
  • Go Karting

    £ 43.99
    Love cars? Organising a hen party for a bride-to-be that has a reputation for being a petrol head? Then pick a go kart hen party and be prepared for the race of your life!
  • Reference: PR-8263
  • Min No: 10
  • Life Drawing Workshop

    £ 29.99
    Looking to inject a little sauce into your hen party without hiring a seedy stripper? A life drawing class is the perfect option for you: a risqué activity that’s so respectable, even your granny will enjoy it!
  • Reference: PR-8564
  • Min No: 10
  • Off Road Buggies

    £ 42.99
    Looking for a hen do activity that’s all the rage? Then you need to try a rage buggy! These high speed dune buggies are ideal for adrenaline junkies looking to inject a little action into their hen party.
  • Reference: PR-7057
  • Min No: 6
  • Paintball

    £ 19.99
    Always fancied yourself as competitive and want the opportunity to show off your ability with a deadly weapon in front of all your girlfriends? Then a paintballing hen party is the perfect option for you!
  • Reference: PR-1540
  • Min No: 6
  • Quad Biking

    £ 44.99
    Imagine what a stress reducer it will be for the bride and her closest friends to climb on 200cc Polaris Quad bike and enjoy a fun and exciting ride on 450m off road course.
  • Reference: PR-6755
  • Min No: 6
  • Raft Building

    £ 30.00
    Raft Building. A great team activity raft building can be used on its own or as part of a larger hen event or weekend, easy to book today.
  • Reference: PR-4299
  • Min No: 4
  • Spa Treatment

    £ 42.99
    Girls its time for you...a bit of pampering before you hit the town - perfect
  • Reference: PR-1172
  • Min No: 6
  • Zip Wire Challenge

    £ 16.99
    And what could be more of an adventure that Zipwiring from above the treetops to the ground? Book this activity by itself or part of a bespoke package.
  • Reference: PR-5399
  • Min No: 4
  • Urban Challenge

    £ 58.99
    Are you maid of honour or bridesmaid and looking to create an unforgettable experience for the bride to be's hen party? We can also add to a bespoke hen package.
  • Reference: PR-4255
  • Min No: 6
  • Here are the most popular hen day activities in

    I honestly had a really tough time narrowing this selection down to six but all of these activities have been huge hits with hen groups.

    Let’s start things off by treating you ladies like royalty at the Bannatyne Day Spa. If you want to be really pampered and have a nice, deep relaxing massage that will take you to heaven, then this is where you’ll come! We had a fabulous time here and it was one of the highlights of our weekend. As well as providing relaxing treatments, they also offer a good variety of beauty treatments which will make you look and feel amazing when you hit the town in the evening.

    Next up is an activity that is a far cry from the spa I just recommended. This is a real adventure and something that will make your Bristol hen weekend very memorable. I am talking about going caving! As you progress through the amazing underground world of the Cheddar Gorge, you will need to be able to crawl, breathe in so you can fit through any tight spots and always be aware of what is around you. The sights that you’ll see are amazing and your guide will not only ensure that you are all safe, but he’ll also encourage you to take in some of the cool stuff that is down there. You’ll not find a better place to take a selfie!

    For those of you who love to put the pedal to the metal, why not have a fun day of go karting? Now I’ll be honest and say I’m not the best driver (my husband says the fact I have a licence is pretty scary) but that does not matter here as even non-drivers will be able to drive one of these go karts! The track is really cool and it has plenty of stretches where you can go fast as well as some tricky corners to actually test your driving skills. Best of all, the staff here make a real day of it by setting up your own mini grand prix with a podium winner etc. It’s just like being in a real race … except you don’t get millions of pounds for winning! 

    I took to archery so quickly that I reckon I must’ve been some fierce warrior princess in a previous life! Archery is one of the most fun sports I have ever tried and it’s absolutely bloody perfect for a hen weekend! The ‘induction’ takes next to no time because it is so easy to pick up and get the hang of. I’m not saying that you’ll be smashing the bullseye straight away, but you’ll soon grasp the basics. Also, that first time you do hit the bullseye (or the target in general) is an exhilarating feeling.

    Here is a really nail-biting activity but also a thrilling ride! Abseiling is one of the most popular activities in Bristol for both guys and girls. Now I know that when someone mentions abseiling, your mind automatically thinks of huge mountains up in the clouds, but this involves climbing down a sensibly-sized rock face. You will always be in the hands of a well-trained instructor as safety is paramount. This is just loads of fun and it’s one of those things that many people think they cannot do but when they go and do it, their minds are blown away and they are so chuffed with themselves. It may sound scary but abseiling is a great activity if you fancy something out of the ordinary on your Bristol hen weekend.

    One way to see a different side of Bristol is with a fun day of canoeing around Bristol Harbour. This is one of the best places in the UK for canoeing (and thanks to this job I’ve tested loads!) as they use these huge Canadian canoes which can hold two or three people. This made it a much more enjoyable experience as you could be paired up with a friend as you glide along the water. This is quite a relaxing activity – not too wild or scary – and it gets you out in the fresh air.

    Some Of The More Crazy Bristol Hen Day Ideas

    Okay, so we’ve had a look at the most popular. Now, it’s time we took a peek at the weird and wonderful when it comes to Bristol hen day ideas!

    To start things off in the most madcap way possible, why not try the West Country Games? This experience is like being on some kind of crazy game show! The farmer, along with his buff and sexy farm boys, will take you around all kinds of weird and wonderful games that will see you get wet, dress up in odd clothes and do all sorts of extreme events such as a cider run, a pitchfork duel and the ‘Vicky Pollard handbags’ to name but a few. At the end of the day, the scores from each event will be added up to decide on the winner. This is one of the wildest days out I have ever had and that’s saying something!

    Go karting and quad biking are two of the most popular hen day activities all over the country but you can take things to a new level in Bristol with Off Road Buggies! If you thought you got dirty riding quad bikes, then you’ve not seen anything yet. One of my friends was literally caked in mud from head to toe! These buggies are just awesome and they go at crazy speeds and tear up the track. This is not really about racing, it’s about feeling like a kid again as you drive around like mad. Just make sure you bring a towel and about 63 changes of clothes.

    Next up we have a fun way to make use of your DIY skills and problem-solving abilities as your group is split into two teams (three if there’s loads of you) and you are tasked with building a cool-looking raft … one that you can actually sail on! When you start your raft building, you’re given a load of building materials and there’ll be staff there to ‘observe’. However, it’s all down to you to actually design and build your raft. This is a lot of fun and if you don’t have any DIY skills (like my whole damn team), then you’ll probably float about three feet down the river before the thing falls apart. Never mind, it doesn’t matter as it’s all just part of the fun … as is destroying the other team’s raft!

    Finally, I have something a little bit naughty, sexy and a whole lot of fun. Ladies, you are going to learn how to unleash your ultimate sexiness as you do a little pole dancing! Pole dancing is huge nowadays and a couple of years ago I was blown away when I was told that people do this for fun and to get fit, and there are classes everywhere. I can see why and so will you after an hour or two here! You’ll have a blast learning all the sexy moves, getting dressed up and probably falling on your bum quite a lot. This is a fun way to spend some time with your friends and perhaps learn a few moves that you can use when you ‘pull’ on your hen night! 

    Doing The Right Things In Bristol

    Keep on reading to see my top picks when it comes to places to eat and other important information about a Bristol hen day.

    An Awesome Breakfast

    I reckon that when you’re on a hen weekend, a full English breakfast is totally the way to go and ‘Oh my God’ I was stuffed when I had the full English at The Bristolian! This place is amazing and they are as cheap as chips as well! You don’t have to have the full English as they have loads of other stuff on their breakfast menu.

    A Perfect Place For Lunch In Bristol

    You really cannot go wrong with Bella Italia (actually there are two of them in Bristol, both very good). They have a fabulous Italian menu with a variety of food to tempt you including pizza, calzone, pasta and spaghetti. If they eat it in Italy, then you can eat it here! 

    Getting A Cab In Bristol

    No matter how drunk you are, how tired you feel after your day of activities, or just how lazy you are (hey, I hate walking too!), you can easily get a taxi in Bristol. Two of the biggest taxi firms are The Yellow Cab Co and V Cars.

    Is There A Bad Time To Come Here?

    Not really. Bristol does have a university so if you are annoyed by students and their loud behaviour, then that could be an issue. However, there’s nothing major that would keep you away from the city at any particular time of the year.

    Are There Any Good Festivals?

    There are a few festivals in Bristol but the main one I want to talk about is the weirdest festival I have ever heard off – Vegfest! Yeah, I had to double-check to see if that said Vagfest as well! Anyway, now that the confusion over the name is sorted, Vegfest is a vegan festival. Yes, it does sound weird but it’s actually a really awesome festival that serves all sorts of vegan food during the day. It’s all about promoting the vegan lifestyle and letting people understand it. Then, at night, it’s all about partying! 

    What To Do If You Need Patched Up … Or If You Have A Brutal Hangover!

    Well, you are in luck as Bristol is a city that has an unusually large number of pharmacies. Two that can sort out your headache or give you a plaster are Buxton & Grant Pharmacy and Bedminster Pharmacy.



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