Hen Party Explosion in 2014

Hen Party

This summer will witness the biggest hen party season on record. Hundreds of thousands of young women will be jamming city centre bars and nightclubs adorned in pink sashes, customised tee shirts  whilst supporting the bride to be, often literally, as the evening descends into an alcoholic blur.

The emphasis is on bonding whilst having a fun time. As the economy shows signs of picking up so does the amount that Hens are willing to fork out on a weekend of fun and over indulgence. Who cares is the attitude as Hens celebrate the brides last days of freedom!

If you are involved in the organisation our top tip is to limit the group to between 10 -16 max. This prevents a splintering of the group and prevents factions from arising allowing for consensus to prevail.

Where are the top Hen party Places in 2014


Top of the chart is Edinburgh. This capital city has it all from great central accommodation to bar and clubs that are world famous. The Scots are no strangers to alcohol and here in Edinburgh hens can really let their hair down without anyone batting an eyelid. But demand in 2014 is already showing signs of outstripping supply- so it is imperative that you get a move on a book your accommodation. Call the team on 0131 603 4860 to secure the best deals.


This northern city is the party capital of the north east. On a Friday or Saturday night Newcastle is a sea of pink sashes and “bridal veils” as the night progresses so does the noise levels from the parting hoardes

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