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Aviemore Hen Night Ideas

If there’s one place that you might not want to go to because of its nightlife it’s Aviemore, but that doesn’t mean that after your day of amazing outdoor fun, you have to stay in your digs. There are still loads of fun places to have a good laugh, a few drinks and maybe even see what’s under a highlander’s kilt! If you’re looking for a way to relax after your day of Highland activities, I’ve got stacks of great ideas so keep on reading!

The Top Three Night-Time Activities In Aviemore

Hen Nights In Aviemore

Italian Meal

£ 17.99
One of the best ways of getting everyone in one place is to organise a meal out. This two course Italian Meal in one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the area.
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  • Restaurant - European

    £ 19.99
    Celebrating a hen night is really special and there are lots of exciting things to do to mark the occasion. One of the best ways of getting everyone together is over a meal and this is a great option
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  • The Best Hen Night Activities In Aviemore

    While there’s not a whole heap of things to do in Aviemore at night, here are some of the most popular hen night ideas!

    To start things off, we have the La Taverna Italian Restaurant. Aviemore has one of the most active daytime scenes so when it comes to the actual hen night, you may want to just relax and that’s exactly what you can do at La Taverna. This is a really nice place to eat and have a fun time with your friends. The food is amazing and there’s a really popular pasta buffet. If you want to have something more adventurous, then there are plenty of pizza options as well. If you fancy some good food and a few drinks, this is the place for you.

    Another really nice place that we went to (when our bones were aching and we couldn’t walk any further) was Mambo’s. This is just an awesome bar and we all relaxed, had a few cocktails (some might say a few too many) and enjoyed some lovely food. This is not your typical Highland bar which may put some people off, but we had such a great time that we actually spent most of the night here! 

    The Vault Nightclub! is the only game in town when it comes to nightclubs and this is actually a really cool place to party on your hen weekend. All the Highland guys and stag groups in Aviemore come here so if any of you single ladies are looking for a Highland fling, then you may be in luck! If you have the energy to party after what you’ve been up to during the day, then you’ll have a great time here!

    When we were told about the Pine Martin Bar and its remote location, we thought it would be fun. But then when we got to the bar … it looked like something out of a hillbilly slasher film! Thankfully, once inside, the place was really nice and we had a great time drinking, laughing and chatting with everyone in there! So while it may have a creepy appearance from the outside and you feel as if a deranged killer may break in at any moment, the Pine Martin Bar is still a good place to have a few drinks before you head to The Vault.

    When you’re visiting the Scottish Highlands, you may want to have a few hen drinks at a proper Scottish bar and this is exactly what you get at Mackenzie’s Highland Inn. This is a really fun local pub that offers a good selection of booze and some mighty fine homemade food as well. It’s not the kind of bar that’s full of people dancing the night away, but it’s still a pretty good place to get drunk which, after a strenuous day in the Aviemore wilderness, is just what the hen do doctor ordered!

    If you really want to make the bride-to-be’s night one to remember, then why not hire a hard-bodied, smoking hot male stripper? There’s a really good selection of guys to pick from and you can get them to come to your hotel and put on a show that you’ll never forget! Or, if you can get the okay from the venue of your choice, then they’ll come and perform the strip show there. So, although there’s no chance of catching the Dreamboys in Aviemore, you can still watch a sexy guy taking his clothes off!

    Even More Exciting Aviemore Hen Night Ideas

    There’s even more to Aviemore than meets the eye as you’ll soon see with these extra hen night ideas!

    Kicking off our ‘extras’ section is the bar at the Cairngorm Hotel. This is a really classy bar and it’s perfect if your feet are sore, your backs are aching and you have blisters on your hands from your daytime activities. The bar is the main reason for coming here but you’ll also find it has a nice restaurant with a very diverse menu. You can come here for an evening meal and then spend the rest of the night in the bar.

    The Winking Owl is another really nice bar in Aviemore. This is your typical Scottish Highlands-style bar but what makes it so different is the karaoke! No matter how tired you girls may be, I’m sure that you’ll be up singing your favourite tunes after a few drinks! I got an amazing reception from the people in the bar … well, I think I did, but perhaps the night was so good that I can’t actually remember! It doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not, karaoke always involves fun.

    Here’s a place that’s perfect if you just want to relax and enjoy each other’s company – The Cas Bar. This bar has a nice open fire which is lovely if you want to sit around after your meal and enjoy a few glasses of wine as you reflect on your daytime activities. To me, this is what a hen night in Aviemore is all about.

    Other Places To Go & Important Info About A Hen Night In Aviemore!

    Here’s a guide to some good places to eat and other cool stuff that will make your Aviemore hen night even more amazing!

    A Nice Main Meal

    Once you’ve washed off all the dirt and other mess that’s on your face from your daytime activities, you may want to get dressed up and celebrate your friend’s upcoming wedding with a sumptuous meal. One of the most stylish places to eat is the Rowan Tree Hotel Restaurant which is classy with a capital C! 

    Good Food At A Reasonable Price

    If you’re so tired that you just want to find a place that’s quick, enjoyable and offers good food, then I highly recommend Anderson’s Restaurant which has a menu full of tempting food for a reasonable price. This place also serves main dishes until 9:30pm which is really convenient.

    24–Hour Taxi Firms In Aviemore

    Actually, there’s only one taxi firm that opens 24 hours a day and that is Aviemore Taxis. Getting around Aviemore can be tiring (and freezing cold in the winter) so make sure you’ve got their number in your phonebook. 

    Getting Medical Treatment

    The Highland air, the outdoors and a huge amount of alcohol can all result in you girls needing a little patching up. The Aviemore Medical Centre is open all day and night so there’s medical assistance at hand if you do fall off a table when you’ve been ‘drunk dancing’. 

    Where To Catch A Live Gig In Aviemore

    Well, it may not surprise you to know that there’s no huge arena in Aviemore but you can enjoy some local bands and some good old Scottish music at the Old Bridge Inn. They love to have live bands here so check to see if there’s someone playing during your hen weekend.

    A Good Place To Relax

    We had great fun in Aviemore but it was a brutally tiring day so much so that none of us could be bothered to do anything at night. However, we did find our way to The Pizzariach Eatery which is a really good pizza joint where you can just pig out and let the night flow in a fun and relaxing way. 




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