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You will need to have your tactics well planned out in your head. Get a hold of your hens and head for the paintball site. Plenty of game scenarios - its time for girl power.
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Paintballing  Hen Day Idea

Everyone has heard of paintballing, but how many people actually get the opportunity to participate in a paintballing adventure?  Using this activity to your advantage for your hen’s party is a fantastic way to create a friendly competitive environment for everyone in your party.  It is also an incredibly fun activity that everyone will appreciate in their own way.  With the use of your team’s skill and tactics, you will work together with the other people in your party to develop a foolproof strategy to overcome the other teams.  Now it’s time to really show off your girl power!

Many Game Options

An incredibly large benefit of participating in a paintball activity for your hen’s party is that there are a variety of different game options for you to choose from.  Whether you want to play a team based activity or if you are more interested in free for all, the options are relatively endless.  There are also an ample amount of game types within the team based and free for all options.

How Paintball Works

Each person in the game will receive a paintball gun equipped with paintballs.  The objective of the game (depending on the game mode that you are playing) is to eliminate all of the enemy players by hitting them with the paintballs from your gun.  There are a wide variety of different obstacles that are great to use to either defend an area or to attack an opposing player.

With the help of referees, the entire event will be organized, all of the rules will be explained, everyone will become aware of the safety requirements, and the games can begin.  Not to mention that the referees will also make sure that everyone follows the rules accordingly.

Progressing Through the Challenge

Paintballing for your hen’s party isn’t just a 30 minute activity that starts and finishes, it is a learning activity that will teach you a variety of tactics that can be used for the final activity, The Fort.  The Fort is a man-made structure with a variety of different levels that will test you and your group of friends on all of the things that you have learned up to that point.  It will be your task to defend your position.  Every group that has ever participated in this activity always remembers The Fort more than anything else, and for good reason.  It is the ultimate battle packed with drama, fun, and intriguing scenarios

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