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Hen Night Ideas Bournemouth

Now here is a really under rated place for a great hen night. A Bournemouth hen night is going to be one that is full to the brim with dancing, drinking and maybe even a wee bit of groping as well! There are decent amount of pubs and clubs as well as a few other attractions to make your hen weekend in Bournemouth one to remember.

Top Three Night Time Activities In Bournemouth

Bournemouth Hen Night Ideas

Butlers in the Buff

£ 129.99
If you have ever fancied the idea of having your own personal butler, then Butlers in the Buff is for you. Easy an quick to book today
  • Reference: PR-9081
  • Min No: 2
  • Casino

    £ 24.99
    Its time to play it really cool.Which game do you think you can double your money - A great night is in store with this straight flush Casino deal in Bournemouth
  • Reference: PR-2334
  • Min No: 6
  • Comedy Club

    £ 16.99
    This is the top Bournemouth Comedy Club where the UK's Top stand up acts will have you in stitches for a couple of hours with relentless humour and sketches. Great start to any evening!
  • Reference: PR-2145
  • Min No: 1
  • Male Stripper

    £ 149.99
    Give your blushing bride to be something to really blush about - a close encounter with one of our gorgeous male strippers! Easy to book today
  • Reference: PR-9939
  • Party on a Bus

    £ 24.99
    Girls - we dont want you walking miles in your heels. Step on board the bus and be escorted to 3 bars and then a nightclub where you can keep your party going into the small hours...
  • Reference: PR-1327
  • Min No: 12
  • Restaurant - French

    £ 21.99
    Girls its time to catch up with the gossip over a 3 course meal. There is plenty to choose from on the menu so nobody will be disappointed...
  • Reference: PR-7013
  • Min No: 2
  • Restaurant - Indian

    £ 17.50
    Our special curry evening will allow you to spend time with your friends and family will help to get you prepared for a big evening out.
  • Reference: PR-4068
  • Min No: 8
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 19.95
    This delightful Spanish restaurant brings together all of the things that people love the most about Spanish food and we deliver it with panache to our customers.
  • Reference: PR-2800
  • Min No: 2
  • Sunset Party Cruise

    £ 29.99
    Party the night away aboard The Dorset Queen on a sunset party cruise with music, drinks, deck lights and food. Perfect for any Bournemouth Hen Weekend
  • Reference: PR-9908
  • Min No: 7
  • Nightclub Entry

    £ 9.99
    Drink, dance and party in the Bournemouth city's newest venue- The Cameo & Myu Club. It is the only place in the city for Speedy Guest List Entry.
  • Reference: PR-10262
  • The Best Hen Night Activities In Bournemouth

    Here we are looking at the most popular Bournemouth hen night ideas. These are regarded as the best of the best and will certainly make sure you all have a great night.

    I thought I would start your Bournemouth hen night in the most awesome way possible and that is with a party cruise! This is exactly what it sounds like! You will be going on the amazing River Duchess and then going on a wee sail….. but you will be drinking just a crazy amount of cocktails as you do! This is just a lot of fun and a great way to have a good time, drink and be with your friends in a more special environment than just a normal bar. Drinking under the stars as you watch, Bournemouth sail on by is really cool and a great opportunity to take a few selfies as well, just do not drop your phone overboard like a certain friend of mine did.

    Look the main lady of your hen weekend is signing up to see only one guy for the rest of her life the least you can do is hire a sexy male stripper to come and shake his stuff just inches from her face! This is a right good laugh and in my experience hiring a male stripper either goes down very well with the bride getting right into it. Or her face goes red and she is embarrassed……. Either way is great fun for the rest of you! They have a good selection of blokes to pick from and I am sure they will have someone who ticks all your boxes of what makes a hunky guy. 

    The craziest bar crawl that you ladies can go on is the Club Class Bus! This is a double decker bus that has had its insides ripped out and replaced with all kinds of stuff you need to party! A DJ booth, comfy seats and even a stripper pole! The staff know how to keep the party going and they whole heartedly encourage you to bring booze on board! The Club Class Bus will take you to three of the best Bournemouth bars before ending the night at a nightclub! Where by the way you will get guest list entry!

    Located in an actual nightclub! Bournemouth Comedy Club is the perfect place to have a few glasses of wine or cocktails and laugh your butts off! They have some of the best stand up talent from the across the UK appearing here and a really funny MC who will make sure that the laughs do not stop in between acts! This is just an awesome night and it is one of the best ways I think to really start your hen night off on the right foot. And once the comedy show is done you can just stay here and party at the nightclub! In all this is just a tremendous idea for a fun hen night activity. 

    Next up I have one of the coolest nightclubs in the whole of Bournemouth and that is Cameo. This is just a really amazing club with four different main rooms for you ladies to dance in or just relax and speaking of relaxing if the night is getting a bit to wild then you can retreat to one of the more quiet and special VIP booths where you can keep your party more private and get up to more shenanigans. This is a really popular nightclub, but do not worry as you can get on the guest list and avoid standing in line. Which gets you in faster, but also gets you out of that cold Bournemouth air! 

    For my last main activity I have a few hours at Genting Casino. Now this is more than just gambling…… I mean, well gambling is obviously a huge part of it, but here you can have a drink and enjoy a nice meal as well. They have a good variety of games for you to play and they will even teach you how to play them which is fun and good if you know nothing about gambling like I did. Or if the different games  are not really your thing then you can have some fun by playing the different slot machines. 

    A Few Extra Bournemouth Hen Night Ideas

    There is so much cool stuff to do here I could not just stop at six so here are a few more cool places to go during your Bournemouth hen night!.

    If you want to take things to a whole different level during your Bournemouth hen weekend then book a night with the Dreamboys! I have seen many different male strip shows (for work I might add!) and these guys are just a cut above the rest. Of course they are all good looking with great bodies, but they also put on one hell of a show as well. They offer special bookings for hen parties where you can get some extra attention and have an even better night!

    The Adonis Cabaret is a huge hit with hen groups and after just a few minutes you will see why. This is a very “adult themed” style of variety show. There will be blokes taking their clothes off, people singing, live comedy and even some awesome drag queens. Honestly you have no clue what is going to happen next when you are at the Adonis Cabaret! If you are looking for that something which is a little crazy and will make your hen night one to remember then this my friends is it!

    If you want to do something a wee bit quieter and more laid back then a trip to the Bournemouth Little Theatre is a great idea. They have show’s on here all year round and the somewhat small and intimate theatre is just a really cool place to watch a good live show.  You of course do not get the big West End productions here, but the quality of shows is really first rate and if you like the theatre then you will have a good evening here.

    To end things I have for you a night of Karaoke! This is just a classic of a hen night idea! No matter if you have a voice that can rival Leona Lewis or if you sound like some kind of reject from The Voice. When you are at a karaoke bar it does not matter as it’s all about just having a fun time. I always think it’s best to have a few (maybe more than a few actually) drinks to get those vocal chords and your nerves settled. You really cannot go wrong with a few cocktails and some awesome tunes.

    Some Important Information You Need To Know About Bournemouth!

    Down below I have some advice, information and just a wee bit of general knowledge about having a great Bournemouth hen night!

    When you Want To Eat With Class

    If you want, let’s just say something of a more special and fine dining experience during your hen night. Bar Ventana is a really high class that during the day serves as a café and during the night is a really high class place to have a lovely meal. With a good menu, friendly staff and a fantastic wine list. This is a great place to eat. 

    A Good Reliable Place To Eat

    If you do not want to get all dressed up just to eat, but what to have some good food at a reasonable price then I highly recommend, La Piazza which is a nice little Italian that has a great range of pizzas and all other kinds of Italian goodness and the prices were just perfect as well.

    Getting A Taxi In The Wee Hours

    If you need to get back to your hotel after a few to many then there are a few cab companies who offer a 24 hour service such as  Warrens Taxis and  Ariel Taxis, but there are many more so do not worry about getting a taxi.

    When Someone Has Had To Much To Drink

    From getting your stomach pumped, to getting your broken arm fixed that happened because you were dancing on a bar,  Royal Bournemouth General Hospital will get you fixed up……. I also want to take this opportunity to encourage you to drink responsibly!

    Seeing Some Live Music

    There are many bars and clubs in Bournemouth that have live gigs, but if you want to see a more “mainstream” type of band then see who is playing at the O2 Academy during your Bournemouth hen weekend.

     For A More Chilled Out And Laid Back Night

    Head on over to Monty's Lounge! If you want a more relaxed evening where you can enjoy a few drinks, some nice food and quiet conversation the this is a really relaxed and nice environment for you ladies to spend some time in. 

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