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Edinburgh Hen Weekends

  • We offer the best Edinburgh Hen Weekends at great prices
  • We are a local company and live and work in Edinburgh 
  • We know the best activities, the best venues and the best accommodation!
  • We only use “hen party” friendly accommodation
  • Making changes to your booking could not be easier
  • Simply amazing value!!!!


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Money Saving Edinburgh Hen Weekend Packages

The 69 'er Hen Weekend

£ 69.99
No excuses now for not holding your Hen weekend in Edinburgh with the Budget Sixty Niner 2 night weekend package. At £69 this ever popular package could well be the cheapest in Edinburgh
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Shaken Not Stirred Edinburgh

    £ 89.99
    How can you make a whole group of females smile at the same time - we have the answer, arrange a weekend in Edinburgh and throw in some cocktail making lessons ► 2 nights accommodation, Nightclub Entry, Cocktail Making Lessons and another Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Dancing Queen

    £ 134.99
    Save time and hassle planning your hen weekend away in Edinburgh by making all of your reservations in one call to HenHeadQuarters, save time, money and stress.
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Why You Should Come To Edinburgh

    When you think of places to go for a wild hen night in Scotland then Edinburgh is always right at the top of that list. When it comes to Scotland this is party central and no one knows how to party like the Scots, heck the men even show a little leg in their kilts! Edinburgh is one of those cities that is really classy and historic, but at the same time it has a wild side - a wild side that you ladies will absolutely love and remember for years to come.

    Of course as well as being party central for any group on a hen weekend, Edinburgh also has many tourist locations to check out if that is your thing. Scotland’s very best museum The National Museum Of Scotland is a very popular tourist spot covering not just Scottish history, but many other cool and interesting things as well. If you want to go on a nice walk, have a quiet coffee then the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens are well worth a stroll around. Also for your shopping needs one of the most famous places in Edinburgh is The Royal Mile.

    This could be you - White water rafting as part of Your Hen Weekend

    Great Places To Eat!

    Look we know that you want to party, but Edinburgh has some really great places to eat and here are just a few of the ones that are worth checking out during your hen weekend.

    If you want to crave your sweet tooth during your hen do then this little ice cream shop is the perfect place for you to do just that! Mary’s Milk Bar is a great little café to sit in for an hour and charge your batteries!

    The premier Italian restaurant chain in the UK! Bella Italia really does have something for your whole hen party. Pizza, pasta, spaghetti and many more classic Italian dishes are on offer right here. This is a perfect way to start your hen night.

    Worst thing about Edinburgh

    The one o`clock gun-useless. Why not get a bigger gun! Then they might be able to take out Glasgow at last.

    If you want to go all out and make it so you ladies get a fine dining experience and feel like real VIP’s then The Pompadour is the restaurant for you. Sure by the time 3 AM rolls around you will hardly resemble a “lady” but before your messy night a nice classy meal with your friends is always a good idea.

    Having Fun During The Day!

    Before we get to the wild Edinburgh nightlife let’s look at what you can do during the day on your hen weekend……. What? - you were just planning on loitering around the Royal Mile and praying for some blokes kilt to fall down? Shame on you!

    Ok now hear me out before you start turning your nose up at this! Go Karting is just such a fun activity on a hen weekend. What makes it so much fun is that while you may not all be amazing go kart drivers, go karts are very easy to get to grips with. So after a quick lesson you ladies will be ready for a fun race. A hen do should have you tackle something a little out of your comfort zone and this is a fun way to do that.

    A relaxing time can be had at any number of Spas in Edinburgh

    Before you get well and truly plastered during the night time part of your hen do, why not relax, unwind and be pampered like a princess at Edinburgh’s best spa! This place is just heaven on Earth and as much as you want to party I am sure you will have a hard time pulling yourself way from the Orchard City Spa. For a relaxing few hours this is where you girls need to be.

    Come on - when you were a little girl you wanted to be in the Spice Girls…… or going further back Bananarama, or maybe even Diana Ross & The Supremes……. What going too far back? Anyway this is a really fun way to make your hen weekend one to remember. Here you get the chance to record your own version of your very favourite song! It does not matter if you have a horrendous voice! This is all about having fun and making your own CD is a ton of fun as well as giving a lasting memento of the hen weekend!

    Now here is my kind of hen do activity! This cocktail making class is a great way to have a great time with your friends….. and sneak in a daytime drink or seven. You will be taught how to make cocktails the proper way, but the real fun is coming up with your own tasty….. who are we kidding, horrible tasting cocktails that you can make your friends drink.

    How To Have A Great Hen Night In Edinburgh!

    A Highland fling! A wild weekend! No matter what you want to call it, Edinburgh is a city that knows how to party. It’s impossible not to have a great hen night downtown and here is just a few suggestions of great things to do!

    Sometimes before you get well and truly drunk, you want to have a little bit of entertainment. Well The Stand is one of Edinburgh’s best comedy clubs and in a city that hosts a comedy festival and is known for its comedy that is a pretty big compliment. Come here and laugh till your sides split and then hit the town for a wild night!

    Best thing about Edinburgh

    The Edinburgh International Festival- Spans all the arts from Comedy to Drama Music and Film.

    Keeps Edinburgh cleansing dept in work for at least 2 months picking up 40 million discarded flyers

    Look we all know that Edinburgh has a great range of nightclubs, but if you want to do something a little different from all the other hen parties then this karaoke bar is the place to make that happen. It does not matter if you have the pipes of a Whitney Houston or if you sound like Marge Simpson. Singing here is all about just having a great time. And of course with a few drinks in you, your great time gets even better!

    What better way to give the bride to be (and the rest of you ladies!) a real thrill and a night to remember than a strip show where you get to see some of Scotland’s sexiest men show what a real Scotsman wears under his kilt! This is not just about sexy naked men, well ok it’s mainly about that, but it’s also about having a great way to blow off a little steam, have some fun and yes check out sexy men!

    Edinburgh has some great nightclubs to party in until the late hours

    No we are not talking about the Scottish singer Lulu! Lulu is one of the cities funkiest nightclubs and if you ladies want a really wild hen night then this is where your hen party needs to end up. They have a great range of drinks here and a pumping sound system that will make sure you all can dance the night away and maybe even mingle with some of Edinburgh’s sexy single men!

    Getting To Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is not going to cause you any problems in getting here. The train station is right in the heart of it and it is very easy to get to from all over the country. As the capital of Scotland pretty much all the motorways will get you here and there is what seems like a never ending run of busses here also. Inside the city there is a great public transport system to ferry you ladies around and well the new Tram system that will take everywhere you don’ t want to get to!

    Why book with Henheadquarters?

    We are based in Edinburgh, work and live in Edinburgh. We know Edinburgh like the back of our hands -so you get the benefit of this unique local knowledge. We are a local company that has built great relationships with all the activities, venues and hotels that are the best value and of the highest quality. Our online tools make organising everything a dream. Or even better -if you cannot be bothered witheven that- we will undertake to do everything for you in terms of admin- for FREE! 




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