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London Hen Night Ideas

I think it may actually be near on impossible not to have a fantastic London hen night! This is a city that is just bursting at the seams with fun and cool things to do on a night out. With loads of clubs, bars, places to eat and live entertainment happening. You can be sure that there is always something going on in London!

Top Three Night Time Activities In London

Hen Nights in London

Butlers in the Buff

£ 129.99
If you have ever fancied the idea of having your own personal butler, then Butlers in the Buff is for you. Easy an quick to book today
  • Reference: PR-9081
  • Min No: 2
  • Comedy Club

    £ 18.99
    Get your mates together and make your way to the comedy club. 3 stand up comedians will entertain you along with a compere to keep the laughter going...
  • Reference: PR-9209
  • Min No: 2
  • Ice Bar

    £ 24.99
    Enjoy a night unlike anything that you’ve ever seen or done before! Spend an evening in the stunning Ice bar in London. Great activity and easy to book.
  • Reference: PR-2607
  • Male Show

    £ 46.20
    Adonis Male Cabaret Show in London. Includes buffet dinner, games and prizes, VIP club entry, comedy routines, free hen night photos.
  • Reference: PR-3056
  • Min No: 4
  • Male Stripper

    £ 149.99
    Give your blushing bride to be something to really blush about - a close encounter with one of our gorgeous male strippers! Easy to book today
  • Reference: PR-9939
  • Medieval Banquet

    £ 49.99
    Enjoy a Medieval night of entertainment in the heart of London. A lavish 4-course meal served with wine and ale and accompanied by medieval style entertainment.
  • Reference: PR-9045
  • Min No: 1
  • Nightclub - Opal

    £ 9.99
    Ensuring your group is on the guest list is the only way to guarantee your entry into this incredibly popular London nightclub. Bypass the queue and the bouncers and swoop straight in to the Opal Nightclub!
  • Reference: PR-2245
  • Party Boat

    £ 34.99
    Party in complete style on this chic and stylish cruise boat that will whisk you along the Thames in style. Incredible atmosphere on this floating nightclub.
  • Reference: PR-3256
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 19.95
    On a hen do there’s no doubt you’ll be doing a lot drinking but it is important to line your stomach and eat something too (we’re not trying to be your mother – it’s just good sense!)
  • Reference: PR-5630
  • Restaurant - Italian

    £ 17.99
    Start your hen party with a slap up meal in the centre of town and you’ll be onto a winner! Covent Garden is the ideal location for a special hen night out
  • Reference: PR-10271
  • The Best Hen Night Activities In London

    I have for you here what are regarded as the six best London hen night ideas! These are all great ways to have a good time with your friends in the big city!

    I have perhaps the “coolest” place in London for you here. I am talking about, The London Ice Bar. Kept at a constant frozen temperature this bar is actually made from ice and it’s one of the most popular places for people to go when they are in London. Now you can come in and have a nice ice cold drink, but you can only stay for 40 minutes because it’s so cold! They will give you a thermal cape, gloves and hat to make sure that you are nice and warm. This is just such a great experience and one that you can only do here in London!

    Wow I think is the best word to describe just what a night at the Adonis Cabaret is all about. I would need at least two thousand words to really do this justice. This is an all in one “adult” themed variety show. You will have some of the funniest and most over the top, drag queens you will ever see, some hunky male strippers and dancers, live comedy, music and so much more. The Adonis Cabaret has been voted as one of the best hen night activities all over the country. This is the kind of thing that you will find yourselves still talking about a year after the hen night!

    Here I have for you ladies a way to get totally drunk in the best and classiest way possible……. On the Party Boat! You will be on the high seas.. well actually not the open seas, but around London. Anyway who cares? You will be having a wild party as London goes on by in the background. This is a great time and let me tell you when you are standing on the deck….. I think it’s called the deck! With your favourite drink in your hand and who knows maybe a burger or something in the other, you will really feel like you are the Queen Bee! Once you pull back into the dock, you will be ready to then head to a nightclub!

    London has some of the hottest guys in the whole of the UK! Hiring a male stripper for a hen night is one of those hen night rituals that they will probably be doing a hundred years from now. It’s up to you ladies where you have the guy come to “entertain” you but many bars and clubs will be cool with it happening on their premises, but you have to check and get the go ahead first. You can pick the guy you want and then decide what kind of outfit you would like him to wear. So for example if the bride to be has a thing for firemen then get a hunky guy in a fireman outfit!

    Finding a great nightclub in London is not hard its knowing which ones to go to is the problem. Well I am here to tell you that I was part of a group of seven who went to Opal. And we all had a fantastic night. When you hear about the “big London club night” this is the type of place that they are talking about. This is something of a VIP club and more than a few celebrities have been spotted getting down on the dance floor and getting caught stumbling out in the early hours by the paparazzi! Who knows you may even get an autograph, photo……. Or something else with a celebrity!

    Now this is the kind of thing that was designed with hen parties in mind. The Club Class Bus has been a huge hit all over the country and in London it is just perfect. Your hen party will be picked up from a central location and from there you will go on a pub bus crawl to three of London’s very best bars. Now what is awesome about this is that the Club Class Bus is not your normal double decker bus. It has been totally “pimped out” with a state of the art sound system, big huge seats, places to dance, some awesome staff who like to party and they even allow you to bring booze on board! Once you have been to all three bars. Your night will end at one of the hottest London nightclubs where thanks to VIP entry you go straight from the bus into the club!

    London Has Even More Amazing Hen Night Ideas!

    Here are four of my personal favourite ideas for a London hen night! I can assure you that all of these will provide you with a fantastic and memorable hen night!

    London has a few companies who offer something of a supernatural evening, but this right here is the original, London Ghost Walk! London is a city that has a pretty damn dark past and for you horror buffs out there I can assure you that you will get a real kick out of this. I and a few of my friends are really big into horror movies and we loved this! The guide that we had was just amazing and he really did a great job in scaring the crap out of us! This is the kind of activity for you ladies looking to organise a hen night that is a little on the different side. 

    The closes you can get to the big Ibiza club night in the UK is a night at Egg, Egg LDN or Egg London honestly this is the only club I have come across that seems to go by multiple names! Anyway that is not important. What is, is that Egg offers one of the most wild and just fantastic club nights you can get in London. I would say that this club is not for the fainthearted or those of you who are not huge into dance music, but if you really like to party to the biggest club hits then you will just fall in love with this place. 

    Walking into Maggie's is really like you have taken a step back in time. I have been to a few different retro bars or clubs that have retro nights, but Maggie’s really does go above and beyond in making you feel like you are back in the 80’s. Of course they are playing all the big 80’s tunes and they are always encouraging you to dress up in 80’s clothes. But the decor from the posters on the wall, memorabilia and just the overall design of the club is all 80’s inspired and its awesome. I dare say that this was the most fun club we went into all weekend! If you have a love for the 80’s then it would be a crime not to come here during your London hen night!

    I thought that I would end our little list of amazing London hen night ideas with a night of your girls just drooling, wooing and going mental as you watch the amazing stage show that is The Dreamboys. These guys are the best when it comes to male strippers heck I think you could argue the case that they should be classed as male entertainers…… entertainers who take their clothes of, have rock hard six packs and arms like bowling balls! The Dreamboys will make it their mission to ensure that you ladies have an awesome hen night!

    What You Need To Know About A London Hen Night!

    Here are the best places to eat, where to see a live band and other important information for your hen night in London.

    Fine Dining

    I know that some people do like to do the whole fine dining and expensive meal thing during a hen night. Well why not do it in the best way possible? The world famous, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is located here and as well as having one of the most exotic and spectacular gourmet menus you will ever see……….. its freaking Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, how cool is that? 

    Good Value Food

    One thing I like to look for when I am checking out a city or town is an all you can eat buffet. As they offer good choice and value. Well London is home to The Dragon King which is an oriental buffet that as well as having just an amazing choice of food to fill your plate with and is also very reasonably priced. They have some of the most amazing oriental decor I have ever seen and in general, eating here is just a really cool experience.  

    Late Night Taxis In London

    No matter how many times I go to London I cannot get my head around just how many taxis are on the roads….. thank god I do not have to drive here on a daily basis or I would be screwed! Anyway getting a taxi here could not be any easier and it seems like most of the firms offer a 24/7 service. Two of the most well-known firms in the city are SoHo Cars and  Kabbee.

    Getting Medical Treatment In London

    It might be something about the excitement of being in London……. or maybe its all the wine you drink? But accidents can happen to anyone so if you do need some medical treatment then there are a number of hospitals to go to and get taken care off. 

    Live Music In London

    You obviously have Wembley Stadium  and the O2 Wembley Arena . But there are also three other smaller O2 venues, Islington,  Brixton and  The Shepherds Bush Empire. No other city in the UK has as many live gigs as London does!

    A Place To Have A Quiet Drink

    London can be a wild place and I know that for some a good London hen night idea is to perhaps find a nice and quiet place to chill out in for a drink or two. Well I highly recommend, The Covent Garden Cocktail Club which has an amazing drinks list and is also a nice and relaxed bar where you can have a nice cocktail, glass of wine or whatever and just have a nice time with your friends. 

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