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Manchester Hen Weekends

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Money Saving Manchester Hen Weekend Packages

Manchester on a Budget

£ 66.99
A hen weekend in Manchester doesn’t have to break the bank! This hen party package is a perfect city break for party-loving hens, only a very small deposit required
  • Location: Manchester
  • Shaken Not Stirred

    £ 87.99
    Cocktails are all the rage - but knowing how to make them is another matter. So why not have a hen party with a difference, learning a totally new skill? Really easy to book this package
  • Location: Manchester
  • Dancing Queen

    £ 125.99
    Become Manchester's Dancing Queen with this stunning hen party package. A quick and easy package to book which is very popular with hen parties.
  • Location: Manchester
  • Why You Should Come To Manchester

    Manchester is more than just the home of Oasis and Manchester UTD. It is also a place where a group of ladies like you girls, know that there is going to be just a load of great nightclubs, restaurants and things to get up to during the day. If you want to book your hen weekend in a city where you know exactly what you are getting then it’s going to be hard to top what Manchester has to offer.

    Manchester is more than just a city for a “Mad For It” weekend! You see there is a lot of culture here and if you are wanting a little bit of culture on your hen weekend then check out The Manchester Museum which has all kinds of cool things to look at. The Peoples History Museum is a place where you can go and learn a little about how hen parties were done in the olden days…… only joking of course, but this museum is a popular tourist spot in the city and well worth a visit if it pissing down which it always in Manchester.

    How To Get To Manchester

    Manchester is one of the biggest and the most visited cities in the whole of the UK. And as a result it is a place that is not going to cause you ladies any issues getting here at all. No matter if you are coming by train, bus, plane or even car you will be ok. Just don’t use a map- remember the last time –eh? Actually the way that it’s so easy to get to Manchester is a reason that so many ladies come here for their hen weekend. All roads lead to Manchester even if you are trying to get to Liverpool

    Hen weekends are all about partying,laughing and drinking and drinking

    Shopping & Eating In Manchester

    Sometimes you may want to get a new outfit for your night out or maybe you ladies just want a little bit of retail therapy. Well there is only one place you need to go and that is The Trafford Centre. This place is amazing and offers just tons and tons of stores. As well as this you also have a few places to get a bite to eat and a drink as well.

    Best things about Manchester

    Canal Street on a Friday night: Deansgate Locks:Sugar Lounge on Saturday nights- brilliant.

    Here we have a great restaurant that is perfect for even the fussiest of eaters. Pizza & Wine does what it says on the tin. They offer what many people consider to be the best pizza menu in the city. They have a great selection and of course they also have a well-stocked wine fridge to help you wash it down with. This is without a doubt a great place for a fun meal with the gang.

    For you ladies with a sweet tooth I have the perfect little snack stop on your hen do! If you like all things chocolaty and filled with cream then to you, Cocoa Cabana will be heaven for you! Check it out now!

    Great Activities For During The Day In Manchester

    Manchester has some really fun things for you ladies to do to make your hen weekend extra special. And here is a few of our proven favourites for you to think about.

    You ladies will be giggling like school girls here! This foreplay & seduction party is just so much fun. You ladies will get to show of your best moves and learn a few new ways to excite your significant other….. or a potential new partner you may have in your sights. This is a laugh out loud activity and one of the most popular hen day activities for a group of fun loving ladies to consider.

    Greyhound race night is a great deal of fun and a great way to kick your hen night off the right way. Greyhound Racing is not meant to be taken seriously, nor is it for just drunken gamblers, although I am sure more than a few members of your hen party will be a little tipsy by the end of the event.

    Gives the expression- "going to the dogs"- a whole new meaning

    You get to have some nice food, bucketfuls of drinks and the chance to bet a little money as well. Let me tell you this! I guarantee more than a few of you will get really caught up and be cheering on your dog like a maniac!

    Tiger Tiger is one of the most popular nightclub chains in the whole of the UK, but not many people realise that Tiger Tiger offer a fantastic activity for a group that will teach you how to make some amazing cocktails. Sure most of the ones you make will just be god awful, but that is a huge part of the fun. Learning how to make the perfect cocktail is a great way to have some fun on your hen weekend………. And still drink plenty of alcohol as you do! So come here, mix, shake and down your cocktail!

    It is impossible to talk about things you ladies can get up to in Manchester without mentioning Chill Factor! This place is just amazing and is actually the largest indoor snow slope in the UK. What is really fun about this is that you are all getting an actual lesson on how to either ski or snowboard.

    Now here is something different- Skiing or snowboarding indoors!

    Then you are off on the slopes to test out your new skills. A huge part if the fun here is watching as your friends fall on their rear ends! No hen party in Manchester is complete without a day of fun here at Chill Factor!

    Check Out The Manchester Night Life

    Manchester is arguably one of the best places in the UK for night clubs. The number on offer here is just crazy! But there are some other fun things you can do in Manchester as well and I have a few for you down below!

    If you want to do something a little different before you hit the pubs and clubs then you ladies need to get aboard the number one Party Boat in the land, The HMS 69 (he he) this is the only way to party on the open seas…… well around the Manchester harbour and Ship canal anyway. Ladies, you will be able to drink, eat, dance and maybe the single ladies can steal a kiss or two from some of the guys who are on board . This is just a riot and a great way to have a fun few drinks before you hit one of the night clubs later on.

    Worst thing about Manchester

    Manchester has lost its northern feel. All those posh Londoners and people from the south of England have changed it completely .

    If you want to see some chiselled abs, sculpted pecks and big……. Smiles on everyone’s face then the amazing Dreamboys are going to make you very happy. This is just a great night out and more than just some hot guys getting their kit off…….. ok so it is mainly hot guys getting their kit off. But this is a great way to have some fun in your hen night! Dreamboys only have the best of the best when it comes to male strippers.

    Here we have a really fun place for you ladies to go to. This is more than just another nightclub. This is a cabaret and nightclub all rolled into one! The Birdcage offers all kinds of crazy stuff going on. One night there could be a male strip show then next some over the top, funny drag queens. The Birdcage is without a doubt a place that needs to be on your radar when you come to Manchester. A night here is one that you will never forget!

    Manchester clubs have a style and energy all of their own

    What is the best nightclub in Manchester really is hard to say as everyone will have a different opinion. But you can bet your best Radley bag that The Mint Lounge will be in most people’s top five. This is just a great club night. No matter what night you ladies roll into here, you are sure to have a wild night with some great music, some nice drinks and a memory of a really wild night!




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