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Manchester Hen Night Ideas

Manchester is one of the top hen night destinations in the country! The reason for this is that there is just so much to do. No matter if you want a crazy alcohol filled night of pubs and clubs or if you want something a bit more relaxed like a stage show or a live gig. Manchester is the kind of city that really is perfect in every way for all styles of hen nights! So check out the coolest things Manchester has to offer down below!

Top Three Night Time Activities In Manchester

Hen Nights in Manchester

Butlers in the Buff

£ 129.99
If you have ever fancied the idea of having your own personal butler, then Butlers in the Buff is for you. Easy an quick to book today
  • Reference: PR-9081
  • Min No: 2
  • Casino Experience

    £ 24.99
    Are you feeling lucky...you can choose to part with your cash or just watch others...a great hen night ahead...
  • Reference: PR-1554
  • Min No: 10
  • Comedy Show

    £ 29.99
    Get ready to laugh your socks off with an amazing concept for your hen party – a stand up comedy show! Book as a individual activity or as part of a hen package.
  • Reference: PR-7073
  • Nightclub Entry

    £ 9.99
    Nobody likes their night to be spent out in the rain while the music is blaring and drinks are flowing inside. We can book your hen party in today.
  • Reference: PR-1549
  • Min No: 6
  • Party on a Bus

    £ 29.95
    The Manchester party bus is absolutely legendary, with many a hen night taken place on our brilliant system that engages the entire town whilst the party goes on and on. Book today
  • Reference: PR-4943
  • Min No: 10
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 21.99
    No night is ever complete without the right food and the right lining – after all, we know how a night of debauchery goes without food in the stomach!
  • Reference: PR-3068
  • The Best Hen Night Activities In Manchester

    Narrowing down the best Manchester hen night ideas to just six was no easy task let me tell you that, but I managed and what I have is the six most popular and proven to be awesome places to go in Manchester!

    The wheels on the Club Class Bus never stop spinning and neither will your head by the time your tour of three of Manchester’s best bars and a really cool nightclub is done. The guys here know that no one wants to walk from pub to pub (especially when you are in heels) so they decided to get a double decker bus, put some nice seats in it, a rocking sound system and hire some of the coolest and most fun staff on the planet. The Club Class Bus will take you from pub to pub and allow you to drink and dance on board. This makes sure that the fun of your hen night never has to stop. And to end the night, your guest list entry you get to a top club will make you feel like a VIP!

    If you want to just go to one nightclub then I think, Tiger Tiger is a good choice. You see the thing that makes this such a popular club is that there are eight different parts to the club. You have the more laid back Jewel Bar, The White Room and then there is my personal favourite The Groovy Wonderland with its funkadelic (which according to spell checker is a word I have just made up) light up dance floor!  This is just a great club and many hen groups find that once they are in here there is simply no need to go anywhere else. Make sure you get hooked up by getting on the guest list so that there is no need to stand out in the line with all the common weirdo’s!

    Have you ever been in a bar with your friends and just wished that there was a way you did not have to go to the bar to get another drink? Well do I have a great hen night idea for you! Butlers In The Buff do just that, they provide your hen party with a butler in the buff. Well he is wearing an apron, but you get the idea. He will go into the bar with you ladies and be your personal butler who is there to get the drinks in for you and just entertain you with his charming personality, good looks and that bare bum of his. 

    All about the party boat or as its really known, The HMS 69……. Hey no giggling! This is a lot of fun and this awesome boat can hold the better part of fifty people! It’s just an awesome night as you sail around Manchester, drinking some nice cocktails and even having some food if you want. It’s really hard to put into words just how much fun it is to actually party on a boat! If you want to have more than a few drinks somewhere that is just a little bit different from a normal bar then the HMS 69 is sure as hell different. So come have a few drinks and dance under the stars with your best girlfriends.

    The Comedy Store has been entertaining hen groups for well over a decade. This is actually  fairly large venue holding in around 500 people. Which means that they are able to attract some fairly big names in the world of stand up to perform here. We had a great night here and were laughing at some of the things we heard long into the night. As well as having some laughs there is also a restaurant here. Having some food and then catching a live comedy show is easily the best way to start your Manchester hen night!

    Next up I have for you one of the best casino nights I have ever been to. Now I will admit I am not a big or good gambler, but here that does not matter as you get a really awesome deal. Here you get a £5 chip to try you luck with at poker and another £5 to try and win at the slot machines. Now this was all the money I spent during my time here and I had a blast! They also have a buffet and they will hook you up with one free drink! And if you decide you do want to try your hand at some more games, you can take advantage of their “gaming tuition” which is fun and will give you a better shot at winning. In all this is just a really fun way to spend a few hours and you do not have to “gamble” a lot of money to have fun. 

    A Few More Extra Special Manchester Hen Night Ideas

    Keep on reading because I am not done with you ladies just yet. I have even more great ideas for your hen night!

    Some people say my amazing version of Robbie Williams, Angels I performed at K2 Karaoke brought tears to their eyes! I am sure they were tears of pure emotion, but even if you do not have the voice of a funky diva (En Vogue reference for you… look them up their awesome) you will still have a great time at this karaoke bar. What we loved about this place was how while it was big it was like each group had their own mini area to take over. This was good for us as we did have a few self-conscious divas in our group. But they did loosen up once they had a few cocktails. A karaoke bar is always a great idea for a hen night!

    Here I have for you a club that is not your typical dance music style club. The Venue plays more indie style music, but they do play other stuff as well. Hell at one point we were getting down to the sounds of Motown! While it does not have all the bells and whistles of say a super club, The Venue does have a really fun atmosphere and the drinks are just dirt cheap. One of the main reasons though that I picked this place was that they have a ton of different theme nights going on here during the year and they also are known to have live bands play here as well. Cheap drinks and good music always equals a great time!

    There are few things in life as amazing and special as watching some guys who look like Greek gods take their clothes off and put on the sexiest (and funny) show you will ever see. Well when you have a night with the Dreamboys, you get far more than just hot guys getting all sweaty and naked. These are the best male strip group when it comes to putting on a great and entertaining show. They make sure that you have some drinks and even some food if you want it! If you want something that will stay in your memory banks for ever then the bulge of one of the Dreamboys is perfect!

    Lastly I have for you ladies, The Manchester Palace Theatre. This is just a fantastic theatre that manages to get some of the biggest shows from the West End. For example as of writing they have The Lion Kind, The Producers and The Bodyguard playing here. This is just a really high class and pretty damn amazing theatre. This is for you ladies who want to do something other than just get hammered during your hen night. The first time many people come to this theatre they are actually pretty surprised at just how large it is. Anyway for a live show, you simply must check out what is playing here during your hen weekend. 

    Eating, Gigging, Bleeding & So Much More!

    Here is a little mini guide that has places to eat, where to get medical treatment and a few other pieces of useful information about having a hen weekend in Manchester.

    A Classy Place To Eat

    Australasia is one of the most immaculate and just incredible places I have ever eaten. A nice fine dining experience is something many hen parties want to do. And here you can really dine with style. The food is very interesting in that it’s a mix of Australian and other Eastern places such as Japan. It’s a very interesting menu and they also have a very nice bar here. 

    A Fun Place To Eat

    For something more laid back and just a lot of fun I highly recommend you go to Croma. This is a very large pizzeria that as you would expect has an amazing selection of pizza. If you girls just want to eat somewhere that does not have too much of an exotic menu and that has something for everyone then this is it.

    Late Night Taxi Service

    There are certainly more than a few late night taxi firms in Manchester, Manchester Street Cars are one of the larger firms in the city and they have a great reputation for offering a 25/8 service…… that is right they even work an extra day and hour! Seriously though, these guys are cool and offer a good, reliable and a no questions asked service.

    When You Need An A&E!

    If something does happen, like a broken nail, your extensions fall out or your “padding” in your bra comes lose. Do not call A&E, but if you do have a medical emergency then The Manchester Royal Infirmary will take good care of you.  

    Live Music In Manchester

    This is a city that has a huge history of great music. So there is just a ton of bars and stuff that offer bands a place to play live. If you want to see a more mainstream band then Manchester O2 Apollo plays host to some of the biggest touring acts in the world. 

    A Laid Back Place To Have A Quiet Drink

    Epernay is a really nice place and a fantastic Manchester hen night idea! This is a cocktail lounge that offers you girls a nice place to relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine or one, two or nine cocktails and actually be able to hear each other talk. Now this is not the kind of place you will spend you whole night, but for an hour or two this is a really cool place to relax. 

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