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Nottingham Hen Night Ideas

If anyone tells you that you cannot have a fantastic hen night in Nottingham then they have no clue what the heck they are talking about! There is more to the city of Nottingham than robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. There are also a whole bunch of cool places for you to go on your hen night! So if you are not too knackered from the amazing day time fun you have had then any one of these places (or maybe them all!) will do you right!

Top Three Night Time Activities In Nottingham

Hen Nights in Nottingham

Butlers in the Buff

£ 129.99
If you have ever fancied the idea of having your own personal butler, then Butlers in the Buff is for you. Easy an quick to book today
  • Reference: PR-9081
  • Min No: 2
  • Comedy Club

    £ 19.99
    Phenomenal comedians, Fantastic location, Not the usual hen party
  • Reference: PR-6618
  • Min No: 1
  • Male Stripper

    £ 149.99
    Give your blushing bride to be something to really blush about - a close encounter with one of our gorgeous male strippers! Easy to book today
  • Reference: PR-9939
  • Medieval Banquet

    £ 43.99
    Robin Hood and his Merry Men invite you to join them for a Grand Banquet Feast!!
  • Reference: PR-5091
  • Min No: 2
  • Murder Mystery Night

    £ 58.99
    Looking for a very different way to celebrate at a hen party? Tired of expensive luxury weekends away in exotic places? Check this out then
  • Reference: PR-7546
  • Min No: 8
  • Nightclub Entry

    £ 9.99
    The Oceana is the biggest club in the region, and has won multiple awards due to its incredible sound/lighting system, easy to book through us online
  • Reference: PR-2248
  • Nightclub Entry- Cookie Club

    £ 9.99
    The Cookie Club is right at the heart of Nottingham city centre, no long walks or queues to wait to get in.
  • Reference: PR-6393
  • Restaurant - Hooters

    £ 31.99
    A great restaurant to meet up with your mates...who wouldnt like the choice of hot wings, steaks, ribs and salad...
  • Reference: PR-5019
  • Restaurant - Italian

    £ 17.99
    We will arrange a table at this great Italian restaurant so as you can catch up with all your friends before hitting the town... Easy to book today.
  • Reference: PR-11228
  • Min No: 2
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 19.95
    Hen’s parties are the quintessential girl’s night out, and the best way to start a night of frolicking and partying is with a good Tapas meal.
  • Reference: PR-5704
  • The Best Hen Night Activities In Nottingham

    I have picked for you here the six best Nottingham hen night ideas! So keep on reading and you will see why this is such a fun place for a good night out!

    Do you have the kick ass, crime solving skills that could see you be one of the Charlie’s Angles? Well if you think you do then you will have a fantastic night taking part in a murder mystery evening! You will need to work together (or say screw everyone else and find the killer for yourself!) as you put together the clues, talk to the suspects and catch the killer before they are able to strike again. This is just all a great big laugh and something that is totally nuts, which makes it a perfect hen night activity. 

    When you think of hen night activities the first thing (whether you admit it or not) is booking a really hot, male stripper! Well Nottingham has a number of hunky blokes who are willing (and want to!) come to a location of your choosing to put on a sexy strip show for the bride to be. While the bride to be will be the centre of attention, the rest of the hen group will still have  great time watching all the action! If there is one thing that is just an all-time classic hen night activity then it’s a male stripper. 

    With an incredible four bars and two fully functional nightclubs under the one roof, Oceana is a nightclub where you ladies are in for one awesome hen night! This is one of the most popular and funky nightclubs in the city. Which can mean that getting in here can be a pain in the butt, but do not worry as by getting on the guest list you can bypass the line outside (which is always down the street) go straight inside and pick if you want to have a few quiet drinks in one of the bars or if you want to head straight for the club and show off those dance moves!

    If you are in the market for a night of big laughs, music and some really top notch, medieval entertainment then you will love the Sheriffs Medieval Banquet! This is Nottingham so what better place to take a trip back in time with a fun night in an over 250 year old banquet hall where you can have some really nice food, plenty of drinks and you will get to see some very funny medieval entertainment all through the night from knights in shining armour showing their skills to jesters being stupid. This is one of the most fun ways you ladies can enjoy a meal together and I am sure it will be a talking point for weeks to come as well! I have a friend who still goes on about this place!

    If you really want to have a few drinks in style then there is no better way to do this than on the River Trent as you sail along on this tremendous Party Boat! This can be hired out privately or you can just go along for the ride with other people maybe some hen or stag groups! This is a fully licensed boat which means they can sell alcohol from their stocked to the brim bar and also serve food. This is the kind of thing that I think really does make a hen night one to remember. If you want to try and get prepared for a fun hen night in the best way then a few drinks and a couple of hours on the Party Boat will certainly get you all in the best mood for going to a few more bars or a club. 

    Next up I have a place for you ladies who are not into the whole dance music thing. The Cookie Club is one of the most popular night spots in the city and they have been responsible for amazing hen nights for years now. Rock, indie, pop and even some retro nights are on offer here. They even manage to book some live bands to play here as well. In all this is just a really fun and cool place that you could easily spend the whole night at. With rooms for kicking back in and rooms to get on the floor and dance. The Cookie Club really does have a wee bit of something for every member in your hen party.

    Some Extra Nottingham Hen Night Ideas!

    Yes that is right I have even more fun and fantastic ways to make sure that your Nottingham hen weekend is awesome!

    Let’s start this extra section off with a well-toned, frim and so hard you could crack nuts off it, naked rear end! Butlers In The Buff are fast becoming the must do thing for a hen night. They are the ultimate, accessory/mascot for your hen night. The idea is simple and sexy! You hire a bloke to come to a bar with you. This guy will be funny, handsome and pretty much naked apart from his little apron. So each time you send him to the bar to get you a few drinks, you can admire his naked butt! Ah, you know you are living the dream when you are watching a half-naked, Adonis bring you cocktails.  

    Here we have a place where you can relax and as cheesy as it sounds, just enjoy each other’s company before you are all so drunk no one is making any kind of sense. Bella Italia is a wonderful Italian restaurant that offer a very nice (and fantastically valued I might add) three course Italian meal. From peperoni pizza to spaghetti, Bella Italia will impress even the most fussiest of eaters. I think that this is the kind of place that would be just perfect to start your hen night. I have never been to the Bella Italia and had a bad experience and I am being 100 percent genuine as well! Good food, fast service and good times are what you get here.

    This was the karaoke bar  where I did my amazing Shania Twain performance. Ok so amazing may be slightly pushing it, but all my friends had a fun evening here. They have some nice sofas where you can sit down and enjoy a never ending run of cocktails and they have a karaoke machine that has just thousands of tunes to pick from. I find that this is the kind of thing that at first only a few people will be willing to get up and do. But once everyone has had a few and is a little bit, let’s just say “merry” then they will be up there singing like they are in the final of The Voice.

    The Nottingham, Glee Comedy Club is one of the most fun places you sexy ladies can go on your hen night. They offer three different acts each night taking the stage and you will get to hear all kinds of jokes, songs, stories and some very good (and bad, but bad in the good way) impressions. We had a ball here and the food and the drink that was on offer was very nice also. Oh and one more thing there are three acts that will be on the stage, but there is also a master of ceremonies who will keep the laughs going in between the acts.

    What You Need To Know About Having Your Hen Night In Nottingham

    Here is my awesome mini guide about making sure your time in Nottingham is spent at all the cool and best places. Eating, getting from a to b and even getting some medical treatment is covered here!

    Good Eating In Nottingham

    I know that some ladies like to do the whole “fine dining” experience one of the nights of their hen weekend. Well one place that manages to walk the fine line of being up market and also affordable is The Lime Restaurant which is a family owned Indian that offers just a very nice and relaxed atmosphere to eat. The menu was great as it had some more mild dishes which is great for a wimp like me, but they also have some extra spicy dishes for you more adventurous types.

    A Little Food For A Lot Of People!

    If you have a somewhat fussy group of people in your hen group where finding a place to keep everyone happy is hard then worry no more as I have for you the all you can eat, Peachy Keens which has food from all different regions like Japan, Portugal, South America, Italy, India and many more. Simply, there is something for everyone here at Peachy Keens. 

    24 Hour Taxi In Nottingham

    Lenton Cars offer a 24 hour a day service so no matter how hammered you are and how early in the morning it is, they can take you back to your hotel. Cabline Taxis are another 24 hour firm who can get your drunken butt where it needs to be!

     Getting Patched Up After Dancing On A Table (Medical Treatment)

    I have been on enough hen nights to know that once us ladies have a few…….. weird and crazy things can start to happen. So if someone has got a bit too crazy on the dance floor, fell out of a cab or whatever and you do need some medical attention then the Nottingham University Hospital is who will take care of you. 

    Where To See Some Live Entertainment

    The Capital FM Arena is the big place in Nottingham where all the big bands, live show and other forms of entertainment will go. So if you do want some live entertainment have a gander at what is on during your hen weekend as it may be something, you ladies are into. 

    A Chilled Out Hen Night In Nottingham

    Tilt was a real highlight of my time in Nottingham. This is a much more laid back type of bar, actually it’s more of a cocktail lounge with some nice comfy seats, some good blues music and just an all-round fun and laid back atmosphere. For a few quiet drinks, you really cannot beat Tilt!


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